How do I purchase a product?

To place an order with us, find the product(s) you would like to order from their corresponding sections and add them to your cart. Then, click the shopping cart icon in the bottom left corner to complete checkout via PayPal or Skrill.

I paid but didn't receive my product?

If you purchased a product and don't see an email from us confirming your purchase, the email is likely in your spam folder. If you purchased a product and received a confirmation email but not a separate download email, please wait 10 minutes and then contact support. Your payment may be held and waiting to be accepted or there may have been a problem with the payment processor.

Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Currently, our shopping cart system does not accept Bitcoin. However, if you would like to purchase with Bitcoin please contact us through our support page and we will assist you in purchasing with bitcoin.

Why is my file name so long?

To prevent exploits with bots finding links to our site-hosted files, we have implemented a system that generates a per-purchase link that will expire shortly after downloading your product. This means that file names will be obfuscated for our security, and it is recommended to rename the files to something shorter and simpler to make your file easier to load in-game.

If you need to access your file after the download link has expired, please contact support with your purchase ID and you will receive a new temporary download link.

How do I load in my file?

If you purchased a Build:

For .schematic files: Make sure you have the plugin WorldEdit and FastAsyncWorldEdit downloaded. Navigate to /plugins/WorldEdit in your server files. If you do not have a folder called "schematics" you need to create one. Add your .schematic file to the "schematics" folder, and then simply go in-game, locate the area you would like the build pasted, and do "//schematic load filename.schematic" followed by "//paste" For example: //schematic load FactionSpawn.schematic followed by //paste to load the build in.

If you purchased a Server Setup:

Simply go into the server files that you would like changed into the setup, delete all of the files and replace them with the files from the Setup you purchased. It is recommended to backup your files before doing this in case you have any Worlds, Builds or Configurations so you can load them in after the transfer is complete.

My server crashes when loading in my Build?

Due to the large size of most of our Builds, even servers with large amounts of RAM will not be able to handle a direct paste of our Builds. To correct this issue, download the plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit from here and install it onto your server (make sure you are using the latest version of WorldEdit). The plugin will load in builds a few chunks at a time to prevent lag and crashes. You will be able to tell the plugin has been installed correctly if all WorldEdit chat messages are prefixed with (FAWE).